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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good evening. >> and we begin tonight with breaking news from southern california. students at cal state fulleron erton in orange county are being told to stay indoors. police are searching for four people involved in an armed robbery. one local television station is quoting a student from saying the police started coming through the school with pretty big guns and told us to either leave the campus or stay indoor with our doors locked. now all of this started with a jewelry store robbery and they think -- here's a map here, started in the valley and they think now that four of the five are involved. they think they may be there. one suspect is in custody burt
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again the four still on the loose and they may be at cal state fullerton. the headline at this hour, cal state locked down as police search for four armed robbery suspects. >> in just the last 20 minutes we spoke with governor jerry brown's office about the governor's ability to fulfill his official duties now that he's undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. rita williams joins us now live with what she learned about the medical care the governor is receiving at the hospital. >> well, julie, as you know, just in the last hour or so, we did make contact with the governor's press secretary and we have not been able to get in touch with him directly. but his press secretary says the governor is physically fit and was doing pull ups in his office as recently as a week ago and he is expected to fully recover from this. now, here at the hospital at
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ucsf where he is being treated no one is talking because of privacy issues. they can't give any details other than this statement from his oncology, dr. eric small, quote, fortunately this is early stage, localized prostate cancer which is being treated with a short course of conventional radio therapy. the prognosis is not expected to be any side effects. he is 74 years old. most men are diagnosed. he is one of the men diagnosed with cancer this year and more than 90% like him are considered early stage and have at least a five year survival rate. he also had a luncheon meeting in san jose today and that
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people who were there told us that he seemed his normal self. he was energized. looked good. they have no idea of the news that came out just a few hours later. reporting live in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> there are new developments tonight in the unusual case of a man and woman found bound and gagged in the middle of a san francisco street. david stevenson is live in san francisco where he learned more today about what happened to those two people before they were dumped out on the road david. >> the case stretches from san francisco but there's no clear motive. >> a warning for reporters to stay away hung outside a home this afternoon. it's where suspects tried to destroy evidence. >> this is a very disturbing case. it's a case that reads almost like a movie script.
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>> san francisco prosecutors today charged the 21 year old and 24 year old and 31 year old with murder and assault. investigators is a the group, along with 22 year old maryann assaulted 26 year old steven reid and believed to be 18 to 19 years old at the home sunday night. prosecutors said they were bound and gagged and reid shot in the neck. reid died later at san francisco general hospital. >> it was not a random act. all the people involved here knew one another. >> investigators say they tried to remove blood stained carpet from an suv at this house. they are charged with murder and conspiracy to destroy evidence. four of the five suspects entered not guilty pleas in court. >> he is addment that he did not commit this crime and looks forward to proceeding to court. >> prosecutors say this is still an on going investigation
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with a possibility of additional charges and additional suspects. pittsburgh police arrested a man today suspected in a triple shooting that left one victim paralyzed. officers arrested the 20 year old late this morning and a second suspect, 29 year old kenneth thompson is still wanted. officers arrested anderson at his home and he was taken in on attempted murder charges stemming from a shooting back in october. police is a an active search is underway now for a second suspect. >> a suspected drunk driver smashed into a san jose apartment building this morning narrowly missing two children. the pick up slamed into the villa apartments at about 3:30 this morning. take a look, the impact hurled a two year old girl sleeping in her crib on to the floor. >> i seen the bed cracked and didn't see my baby in there. she was just looking up and i
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grabbed her and she just started crying. i was just glad she started crying. >> the crash also sent debris flying in a bedroom where an 8 year old was sleeping. neither child was seriously hurt. the 21 year old of san jose was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. >> a memorial will be held friday to remember a concord man killed while riding a skateboard. the candle light vigil will be held at the accident site at about 7:00. police say he was riding in the crosswalk when he was hit by an suv last friday afternoon. the driver has been identified as 21 year old amanda bening also from concord. at this point, no arrest have been made. >> the santa clara board of education filed suit against the superintendent of schools for $952,000. the lawsuit says he failed to make payments on a 2 bedroom condominium that he bought in
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downtown san jose with county board of education funds. the board approved the housing loan in 2008 while trying to get him to take the position. now the condo is considered under water and the board wants the judge to foreclose on that condo. >> a unique program highly successful at getting bay area veterans hired could actually put itself out of business. new at 6:00, tom takes a look at the thousand of job opportunities the service is offering to vets >> despite high veteran unemployment, the veteran success center here in the veteran's building across the street from san francisco city hall is not a beehive of activity. >> with the number of jobs we've had, if people come here we'll find something for them. >> but not enough veterans, especially young ones know about it. >> many veterans returned last
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year from iraq and afghanistan and i'm shocked we have seen so few. >> for many employers, veterans are preferred because they really are reliable. >> in california there's not a lot of big shipyards anymore so that labor pool just isn't there. >> i can't find a marine painter anymore or machinist. from the day you start boot camp until the day you leave the service you have a discipline and a real commitment to getting the job done. >> the machinist fueled planes in the air force. >> they were good at training me and letting me know how to do things because everything is new. i never worked on boats before. >> i want to see what our options are. i was unfamiliar with it but he made it quick and easy. >> so from job seeking soldiers to successful ship builders, but without the veterans and more of them soon, the success
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could in itself become unemployed. >> police say 7 businesses sold alcohol to people under the age of 21 during a sting this past weekend. a special task force said underage decoys into 31 licensed establishments to attempt to buy alcohol. they served the minors and those people were arrested and could now be criminally charged while the businesses are likely to face administrative penalties. >> police in santa clara county are offering a second chance for people with low level arrest washes. i want to show you a map of the agencies taking part. all this month, people with a warrant for a traffic violation or nonviolent misdemeanor can walk in to get a new court date and avoid being booked into jail over the holidays. >> facebook users -- facebook says users will have a new way to control their privacy
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settings. the company announced those changes today. one new feature is a privacy box at the top of the news feed i. drop down menu will give them answers to questions such as who can see my posts. facebook will roll out more changes over the next several weeks. registered nurse who is are upset about staffing plan to picket 21 hospitals next wednesday. they'll line up at 2:00 p.m. at medical centers across the bay area. the nurses say the hospitals are short on nurse which is hurts patient care. nurses also accused hospital management of making patients wait in observation unit before they are admitted. >> an unusually low key auction drew protestors today concerned about the controversial practice known as fracing. >> inside the federal bureau of land management building, an auction began for nearly 18,000 acres of public land leases in monterey, and frezno counts.
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they're worried that companies could use pressurized chemicals sand and water to extract the oil and gas and could pollute the ground water. the bureau of land management says there's no indication that it would be used. >> giving birth on a city street. >> baby was unresponsive. the baby did not have a pulse. it was obviously not breathing at that point. >> what two officers did that helped save the newborns life after his mother disappeared. >> making sure it's safe to park in the dark. how a new program aims to help bart riders get to their cars safely. >> very cool temperatures continue through the week. how low they could dip and when showers will creep back into the forecast well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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they're all under arrest tonight in the killing. he was stabbed to death december 15th, 2010, not far from the memorial high school. police is a the attack was apparently in retaliation for a fight that happened months earlier. >> two san francisco police officers are being praised tonight for saving the life of a newborn baby that was born right in the middle of the street. ktvu's alex savage is in the bay view village with the quick action they took to rescue the unresponsive child. >> well, good evening. the lieutenant here tells me the two officers tonight are decompressing at home after a very emotional rescue not ready to talk on camera. this morning they drove the dying newborn baby boy to the hospital in a patrol car. one officer driving behind the wheel. the other officer in the passenger seat giving the child cpr. >> with an unresponsive newborn
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t two fast acting officers decided not to wait for an ambulance. instead, they drove the baby right to the emergency room. a two minute ride that made all the difference. >> they saved a life this morning and there's a young child, a young baby boy with a whole life in front of him because of what they did. >> the baby was breathing after arriving at the hospital. his mother was also transported and is also expected to survive. this began around 2:00 this morning with a 911 call from the providence foundation home less shelter. the woman knocked on the door saying she had just given birth. the shelter supervisor tell necessary woman came to the right place. >> i'm just glad that she was -- and we was here for her and it was church affiliated to help her and good works in mysterious ways and helped her last night. >> they found the unconscious newborn wrapped in a jacket. one officer, a former paramedic
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decided to start cpr. the lieutenant tells me both officers involved in the rescue have young children of their own. >> they thought about their own children as this was occurring and were quite pleased with the outcome. >> they told me late this afternoon cps will be involved in this case and the mother more than likely will face charges. hundreds of plants were confiscated today in a operation they have been working on for weeks. rob is there now where the man who runs that grow operation says police have it all wrong, rob? >> frank, behind this gate is a warehouse and police say inside
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that warehouse was a marijuana growing operation. now about 20 officers from oakland's crime reduction unit this morning raided the warehouse on edge water drive near oakland airport. they bagged marijuana plants they is a produced 20 to 30 pounds of pot a month or 700 plants. police also recovered approximately $40,000 in cash and 2 starter pistols. police arrested two men, one of them 63 years old. late this afternoon, a long time marijuana activist came by. he says he is the one running the operation. and he says they shut off the power and he went inside and saw the stems of the plant had been cut. he was trying to do the right thing and thought he has the right permits to run an operation for medical marijuana but police say he did not have the right permits in place. now that man says he plans on
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failing out the two men that have been arrested and he plans to call his lawyer. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> bart is stepping up security for holiday travelers in san francisco and oakland. more police will be patrolling downtown stations. in oakland they'll team up with the oakland police department to provide escorts for the drivers at the station. this is from 4:00 to 8:00 in the evening. some places experienced minor flooding today from the high tides known as king tides. you can see the water from the bay topping in san francisco, the golden gate station is where the sea level is charted for the west coast. it's been in operation for more than 150 years and will record tomorrow's tide. >> we're due for 7.2 high tide tomorrow around 10:45 or so here. >> the king tide happened several time ace year but will
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be at it's highest tomorrow between 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning. >> interesting thing about the king tides is you get down there where the bay gets cornered there. those high tides tomorrow, when it's 7-foot, a plus 7 at the coast, those tides could be up to nine or ten feet. it's a big difference inside the bay, especially the south part of the bay. this is what i'm watching right now are the systems that are coming out of the gulf of alaska, one after the other, just like the one we saw today. of course was today a massive system? no, the rainfall acumulations were at .05 or .06. it was light rainfall. it was a cold storm as evidenced by the daytime highs today. now we have this pattern set up. last week we had the pattern
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set up, mid latitude, warm, moist storms coming in and 10 or 12-inch of rain over the course of four or five events. we have a series of storms lined up now coming from the gulf of alaska. by the time they add up one after another they would be lucky to get an inch of the rain in some of the cities around here over the course of five or six or seven days. overnight lows will be cold. the weather system that is leaving the area now is still spawning a few light showers in the area. so tonight at 10:00 or 11:00 i wouldn't be surprised by mission peak, southward, monterey, you're going to get a few scattered showers and then it starts to clear out. as we go into thursday, mostly sunny, partly sunny, temperatures on the mild side and then friday, look what shows up, yeah, yet another one from up there and watch what it does. it comes right in along the coast. this will be a tricky one. that right now looks like the friday event. friday morning's commute could have a little bit of wet on the
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roadways. this can change a lot too. when i come back we'll track the next system but just know it's not that dissimilar from what we just saw with it being cold and dry. snow levels will be low. we had snow flurries reported. temperatures tomorrow will be kind of cool again. the 5 day forecast with your weekend in view then is just day on, day off. we'll get a little something coming in on friday. just a little something coming in on sunday and then a little break and really not that psyched about any of this because it just isn't that great in term of rain. nuisance showers. >> lingering for awhile too huh. >> yeah. >> thank you bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, a break in a case of a popular high school athlete stabbed to death. what we learned about the arrest and growing concerns among the relatives of suspects. also confrontations about the cliff on the house well against
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defender world champions in miami. they have a three point lead heading into the 4th quarter. >> they do. >> yes, they do. they have been playing good basketball. >> all right. joe, thank you. >> sure. >> well, again, governor jerry brown announced he has prostate cancer. >> tonight we're asking if this diagnosis could possibly impact the governor's ability to lead the state of california. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news
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